‘Irish Pictorial Weekly’ returns for new series March 12, 2015

Series three of RTE’s hilarious sketch show, Irish Pictorial Weekly, is currently deep in post production here at Screen Scene.

Spewed from the minds and mouths of the best that Irish comedy has to offer — including Barry Murphy, Alan Shortt and Tara Flynn, to name but a few — the series sees the return of familiar characters like Enda Kenny, Michael Noonan, and Gerry Adams, as well as a sumptuous slew of new comedic creations and caricatures.

Produced by Hugh Ormond and Directed by Maurice Linnane, full post production on the new series is once again take place here at Screen Scene, where elfin featured walker of the woods, Martha Meyler, is editing up a storm, while the devastatingly svelte Warren Dowling is onlining like a true hero of men. “Marky” Mark Fitzpatrick and Emma “Cheekbones” Butt are handling the sound mix, while saucer eyed bowl of hard working loveliness, Elish Sheridan, is supervising post.

Prep your gut for busting and your knees for slapping when episode one of the new series airs Saturday 21st of March at 10.15pm on RTE ONE.