Megan and Elish: A farewell retrospective April 24, 2015


April 24th 2015. The death of a dream.

Screen Scene’s favourite daughters, Megan Day and Elish Sheridan, bid us farewell before setting off on a blistering adventure beyond the seas.

Titans of industry, powder kegs of charisma, well dressed and sweet smelling to the last, let us look back on their blistering careers before bidding them adieu…

The year was 2011. The month was late March. Megan Day, a sassy young doe with a no nonsense attitude started her Screen Scene career as a runner. Tea making, coffee filtration, tray construction, you name it, Megan did it with style. Even then, entry level to feck, she was never afraid to speak her mind or drop a hard core reality check on an unsuspecting web content producers face (I’ll always fondly remember the day she called me “insufferable”, which, while painful for me to hear, I strangely respected).

Early April, no more than a fortnight after Megan began to rock our worlds, Elish Sheridan arrived on the scene, braced in the face and long in the leg, looking like a fugitive from a late nineties Britney Spears video. Mouth’s gaped. Eyes stalked. The ripples Megan had started began to swell into a tumultuous wave as these two girls from opposite sides of the tracks formed a friendship that will surely go down in legend; fusing together in both body and spirit to become the creature now known colloquially as Meglish Sheriday.

Clambering from room to room with steely eyed resolve in comfortable but stylish shoes, we knew — we ALL knew– this terrific twosome was destined for greatness. And they did not disappoint.

Using a bizarre mish-mash of  Zooey Deschenal’s adorkability and Dr Dre’s gang-banger ferocity, Megan soon found herself bumped up to the role of edit assistant, where her can do attitude and witty banter propelled her to the top of the copy room food chain. Smashing through the subterranean ceiling of that very room earlier this year, she made the jump to full blown Editor for the 2015 season of Ireland’s biggest lifestyle series ‘Operation Transformation’, blowing minds with her effortless efficiency and absolute awesomeness while still retaining the trademark sass that can melt a man’s face onto his hush puppies.

Elish’s career followed a similar upwards trajectory. Her braces now removed and her teeth absolutely perfect beyond belief, she was promoted to the broadcast bookings department where she established herself as an absolute lifeforce the entire staff has clung to for the last four years. Smart as fox and always in control,  the laundry list of her contributions to this company could stretch on for days. Between organising the Oscar sweepstakes, never complaining, having absolutely unreal hair pretty much all the freaking time, she is by far the sweetest natured person to ever suggest mercy killing a pigeon with a carving knife.

And now, here we are, after all these years of making us love them, Meglish have decided to part company with us and travel the world, leaving a heartbroken workforce in their wake.. Words can’t ever truly express how we all feel about these two absolute legends, so I’ll take the salient advice of little known author Hans Christian Andersen, who once said “Where words fail, Music speaks”:

Stay Golden, girls!