The ‘Domestic Divas’ teach slovenly man with kind smile how to clean a hob in this juicy and informative clip October 1, 2014

Mind The Gap’s lifestyle TV delight, Domestic Diva’s, sees hosts Aisli Madden and Cat Lawlor demonstrate basic life skills to ineffectual  twenty somethings who desperately need to be less rubbish at looking after themselves.

Offering tips and advice on cleaning and cooking while radiating sunshine through their beautiful smiles,the Diva’s increased the sales of Baking Soda by ten thousand percent last month, when they demonstrated its effectiveness at cleaning semi-sentient crud off a hob (see clip above).

The show, which is seriously informative and a whole heap of fun, underwent full post production here at Screen Scene, and if you haven’t caught it yet, the final episode can still be seen over on RTEPlayer right now for the low low cost of no money