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Power in the blood
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Operation Transformation
Gay Byrne: My Fathers War
Super Garden
There’s Something About Patrick
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ROG: ‘The Ronan O’Gara Documentary’
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Naked Presidential Election
Only Viking in the Village
Mad Cows
Crisis: Inside the Cowen Government
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The Constant President
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‘Gilbert O’Sullivan – Out On His Own’
Ashes of 9/11
Fade Street
Fluffy Gardens
Buyer Beware
And The Red Poppies Dance
Patrick McCabe: Blood Relations
Forbidden Love
Style Wars
The Savage eye – Series One
White Collar Crime
The Riordan’s: Tea, Taboos and Tractors
Ballet Chancers
Til the Tenth Generation
Graham Linehan: Funny Business
Dirty Money
When the Party’s Over
Alone it Stands
A little bit of Fillum
Ireland’s Nazis
Murder On Main Street
Ghosts of Duffy’s Cut
Monkey Love
Chavez: Inside the Coup