Football’s Next Star

Produced by Tyrone Productions, this 2012 RTÉ TWO show was hosted by Westlife sing-sation and heart fluttering dream boat, Nicky Byrne.

Teaming up with one of Europe’s biggest clubs, Celtic FC, Nicky went on the hunt for a strapping Irish youth with the right combination of passion and talent to win a dream place at Celtic’s Youth Academy in Glasgow.

Filmed in locations including Dublin, Limerick and Glasgow, the show followed 10 young soccer hopefuls between the ages of 16 and 17 as they battled tooth, boot and claw to win a place with one of Europe’s most successful teams.

Based on the hugely successful format originally developed by Sky TV, ‘Footballs Next Star’ was directed by Paul Golding, with Noleen Golding Producing.

Full post production on the eight part series took place here at sun kissed Screen Scene, where it was Edited by Martha ‘Milk Mitts’ Meyler and Derek ‘Deadshot’ Holland.

‘Wonder eyed’ Warren Dowling onlined, while ‘Mega Handsome Man Buck’ Mark Fitzpatrick and ‘Mixed race Polly Pocket’ Emma Butt provided the Sound Mix.

‘The Tallafornia Tantaliser’ Elish Sheridan supervised post production.