And The Red Poppies Dance

Using the music of the trenches, 'And The Red Poppies Dance' tells the stories of the Irish men who fought and died in The Great War.

With November 2008 being the 90th anniversary of the World War 1 armistice, the programme was specially commissioned by RTÉ with the support of the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland. It was produced and directed by Roy Esmonde.

‘And The Red Poppies Dance’ features contributions from journalist Kevin Myers, Paddy Harte OBE, historians Sinéad McCoole, Professor Mick Moloney and Professor Keith Jeffrey, as well as musicians Jimmy Crowley and Liam Clancy. The documentary takes its name from one of the great songs about the First World War, Eric Bogle’s ‘No Man’s Land’.


Post production on the project took place in Screen Scene with Liz Walshe editing, Garret Farrell mixing the audio, Gary Curran grading and Oleg Jitov completing online. Suzanne McKenzie was the post production coordinator here at Screen Scene.