Ireland’s Fittest Family

Produced and directed by Barry Egan for Animo, series one of fantastic RTE series' Ireland's Fittest Family' underwent full Picture and Soun post here at Screen Scene.

The show sees twelve Irish families do battle in an extreme fitness competition, taking on the toughest endurance courses in the country in a bid to bag the cool cash prize of 15,000 unmarked euros.

Coached by four mentors from the world of Irish sport — Olympic boxing champ, Kenneth Egan, international rugby coach Eddie O’Sullivan, and legendary Clare GAA bainisteoir, Davy Fitz — the weakest family was eliminated at the end of each episode, natural selection style, causing titillating tension between rivals and infighting between loved ones that viewers lapped up with greedy eyes across the series run.

Season two of ‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’ is currently undergoing post production here at Screen Scene.