2014 Upstarts Exhibition ‘Making Waves’ November 6, 2014

The opening reception of the 2014 Institute of Creative Advertising & Design (ICAD) Upstarts Exhibition ‘Making Waves‘ takes place tonight at the Science Gallery, Dublin.

Introduced in 2006, the ICAD Upstarts Programme has quickly become one of the cornerstones of ICAD’s activities with its exhibition now considered a highlight of Design Week.

 “The Upstarts is a very important part of the ICAD calender and one that feeds directly into our remit to foster, promote and reward creative excellence,”  Screen Scene’s Head of Commercials and 2014 -2015 Board of ICAD President, Jake Walshe, enthused yesterday.

“With graduates getting the opportunity to work on briefs from Ireland’s top creative minds,” Jake continued, “this program has once again proven itself to be invaluable in gauging the level of talent graduating from the advertising and design courses.”

Having gained access to some of Dublin’s top agencies and studios each of the ‘Upstarts’ will exhibit one of the six briefs they have worked on over the course of the programme. They also design and promote the exhibition.

ICAD have put together a fantastic promotional video for the exhibition, which can be viewed above.

The promo was edited by Tom O’Flaherty here at Screen Scene, where Gavin Casey was the Flame artist and Mick Ellis handled the Sound Mix.

Post production on the spot was Supervised by resident Queen of Hearts, Jennifer Hinde.

The Upstarts ‘Making Waves’ Exhibition Opens 6th November and runs 7-9 November, 12-8 Friday and 12-6 Sat & Sun at the Science Gallery.

Don’t miss it!