A Fond Farewell to Jim Duggan December 21, 2017


Two words that encapsulate the essence of one man: Industry. Legend.

Yes, ‘tis with reddened eyes and a heavy heart that we bid farewell to the inimitable Jim Duggan; Company Founder, Managing Director and Work Dad.  Today, he is moving on to an exciting new chapter in his life after three decades of trailblazing awesomeness here at Screen Scene.

Paying tribute to such a titan may be a daunting undertaking for a lesser man – one with weaker typing fingers and a less astute mastery of the English Language – but not to me. No, I take to this task with an unbidden enthusiasm, and a heavy sense of privilege, for it is a genuine honour to pay my respects to the person who many moons ago saw something in me that I didn’t quite see in myself, believed in me and gave me a job.

With predictability – some might say, inevitability – I shall sing the praises of Jim’s chiseled jawline, his lean physique, those kind eyes that glisten like a duck pond as the light catches it just right, but today, I will also go deeper, and get to the crux of what I believe makes him so worthy of the ‘Legend’ moniker I heartily bestow.

A bright shining beacon in the film and television industry for over 30 years, Jim made his bones as an editor cutting dramas, documentaries and commercials to great acclaim, before realising his destiny as the Managing Director of Screen Scene. Under his watchful eye and sturdy hands, the company grew to become Ireland’s best loved Post-Production company, with domestic and global successes too numerous to mention.

But to my mind, a man’s worth cannot truly be measured by a simple addition of his accolades or business successes.  Rather, it is weighed in the hearts that he’s touched, and the lives he has changed for the better.

Jim’s real success, and the mark of any great boss, is an ability to see the potential in someone, to see them not only for what they are but what they could become and to nurture that and watch it bloom. To set people on their path, to provide them with, yes, careers and livelihoods, but most important of all, a sense of their own worth and of belonging. And memories. Because for all its success, Screen Scene is only a place, and as the old saying goes, it’s people, not places that make memories.

It is here we forged friendships that will last a lifetime, laughed harder than we’ve ever laughed before, met the person we would go on to marry, made the thing we’re most proud of, lost our minds from time to time, and found ourselves through doing the things that we love.

And for these gifts, these memories, more precious than gold, there is no tribute stirring or earnest enough. Some feelings go beyond articulation, some gratitudes too felt to express, sentiments so strong they may only be spoken in silence when eyes meet.  

But still, no matter how insufficient words may feel at times like these, on behalf of everyone who has passed through these four walls during Jim’s tenure, I say ‘Thank you.’

Wishing all the best, and every happiness, to a beloved boss, colleague, mentor and friend – Mister Jim Duggan.

Godspeed and God bless.