Take that internet! Our ‘Game of Thrones’ VFX Breakdowns are rocking over One Million hits on Youtube September 17, 2014

Giving fans an amazing insight into the fantastic work contributed to the show, Screen Scene compiled a sweet compilation of VFX Breakdowns for fans of the smash hit HBO series after it’s initial run — At last count, the vid has been watched an astonishing 1.1 Million times.

Just to give you some perspective of just how popular the video is, the latest  ‘Funny cats compilation’ has only amassed a paltry 469,000 views by comparison.

And you know how much the internet loves cats, right? More. Than. Life. That’s how much. So, it’s a pretty big deal…

Don’t take our word for it though — check the vid out for yourself over on youtube by smashing your mouse on HERE, or, more conveniently, you can watch it in pristine Vimeo mode in the window above.