Breaking News: The RSA Web video we made last year is still awesome September 15, 2014

Aiming to school young people on the dangers of using their mobile phones while driving, The Road Safety Authority (RSA) released this stunning online short in 2013.

Directed by Shane Griffin for Agency Irish international, the film features a high octane, heavily stylized car chase through a sun soaked Los Angeles, as our protagonist Jack embarks on a dangerous delivery mission for his shady crime boss, serving as the setup for a harsh but ingenious lesson in road safety.

Riddled with bullets and vehicular acrobatics, the film was put together by the immensely talented team of subterranean superstars that work out of Screen Scene’s basement, with crazy talented super-studs like Hubert Montag, Mike Mc Carthy, Ben Klimmek, Vadim Draempaehl and Martin Naydenski supplying the 3D work and the uncomfortably attractive Shane Griffin compositing.

If you haven’t watched it before, you should watch it now. It’s well ace. #downwiththekids