Bye Bye, Peter Tighe November 4, 2016

How much pain can a human heart take?

Peter Tighe — Facilities Manager, Andie McDowell enthusiast, brother from a mother that is not my own — leaves Screen Scene today after nine wonderful years of exemplary service.

Often hailed as more attractive and physically imposing version of Michael Keaton, Peter is the first name to spring to mind whenever I hear the term consummate professional spoken aloud.

Blessed with a level headed disposition that always puts a soul at ease (even while commanding a room with his understated, yet undeniably masculine presence),  I honestly can not recall a single time I have seen Peter’s shirt untucked.

A veteran of the post production industry, his perfectly proportioned head has worn many hats throughout the years. Cutting a swathe through the ranks as he grew from Runner to Tape Op, graduating to Online Editor, then metamorphosing into a well groomed Post Production Producer, before finally ascending to the lofty heights of Screen Scene facilities manager / head of drama and features — his mind is a sweet tasting fountain of knowledge from which many of us have gratefully drank.

Always quick to come to a co-workers aid with a kind word and a seemingly endless supply of chewing gum, we’ll all miss his rich mellifluous voice treacling into our ear canals like thick, aural honey; those dulcet tones an ever calming life jacket to cling to in the tumultuous sea of this professional life.

A diplomatic problem solver and people person, with Microsoft Excel talents that border on supernatural, it’s hard to list the vast number of company defining projects that were churned out under his glistening, watchful eye. Season one of Game of Thrones, The Guard, that one film that was set in that room that went on to be nominated for a load of Oscars, are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this guys filmography.

I’m not ashamed to admit that, while writing this article, I spent a late night at the office nostalgically rooting through the belongings on and in Peter’s desk. Clutching his shinny shoehorn to my breast while eyeing the very mysterious “coffee frother” that takes pride of place in his pen holder, I whispered the word “friend” to myself over and over, until the contents of this very article materialized on the screen before me.

I read the words back and wept with sadness, overcome not only by my own talent, but by the incredible sense of loss I felt at the thought of Peters imminent departure.

And while the departure of a dear friend is always a cold drink to swallow, in this particular circumstance, I feel it can also serve as warm reminder that like Peter, we must all have the courage follow our dreams.

Best of luck to you in your new endeavour and in everything you do from here on out, Peter, you sweet, sweet smelling man.

So long, and thanks for all the gum.