Check out the brilliant new palindrome style TV spot for Orchard Thieves May 9, 2017


Rothco and Russell Curran have teamed up to bring us the new TV advert for Heineken-owned cider brand Orchard Thieves, currently airing on TV screens nationwide.

Directed by Stevie Russell, the spot, entitled Start Bold/End Bold, is a palindrome-style ad with a narrative that works in both directions.

The spot underwent post production here at Screen Scene, where it was edited by Jake Walshe. Allen Sillery was the VFX supervisor and Flame Artist with Rob Murray and Gavin Casey assisting, while the
3D was supplied by Hubert Montag, Mike McCarthy, and Dave Head.

Donal O’Kane was the Colourist, with Will Farrell providing the Sound Design. Anne-Marie Downes was the Post Production Producer.


Producer: Anne-Marie Curran
Director :Stevie Russell
Ray Swan: Creative Director
Copywriter Emma Sharkey
Miriam Hendrick Head of Client Services
Head of Production: Margaret Levingstone
VFX supervisor: Allen Sillery
Flame: Allen Sillery
Flame Assist: Rob Murray & Gav Casey
3D: Hubert Montag, Mike McCarthy, Dave Head
Colourist: Donal O’Kane
Sound: Will Farrell