Goodbye Maud Ribbens June 24, 2016


In a move eerily reminiscent of England’s departure from the European Union, beloved receptionist Maud Ribbens disentangles herself from the loving arms of her Screen Scene family today.

An arresting vision who valiantly served as the first point of contact for both client and staff alike as they shuffled through the front doors of 31 Upper Mount Street, Maud has been the iconic face of Screen Scene for the past three years.

Gifted with a dazzlingly white smile and a well articulated phone manner, Maud has been equal parts supportive, assertive and all around lovely throughout her tenure. Lauded for her fashion sense, revered for her in depth knowledge of overly spicy Mexican cuisine and celebrated for her willingness to engage in lengthy discussions about film and film theory, we shall miss delighting in her aesthetic wonder and spiritual soundness.

Wishing you all the best and God speed in the exciting new chapter of your professional life, thanks for everything, buddy!