Goodbye, Tracy Reid October 21, 2016


The passing of a titan. The setting of a sun. Tracy Reid, former world class Receptionist, current top drawer Head of Hospitality, leaves Screen Scene today after 16 years of immeasurable service.

Amputees often speak of the devastating loss of a well placed limb. Well, this is that in employee form.  The lopping of a leg.  The chopping of an arm.  A vicious sniping of a well-placed toe. One whose phantom presence will haunt us from now until the end of our days…

For a glorious decade and change, Tracy Reid was the voice and visage of the company.

In her role as receptionist, Tracy welcomed client after client, employee after employee, to our hallowed halls. For many a staff member, hers was the first face we set eyes upon as we embarked on our Screen Scene journey.

Those gleaming eyes. That summer sunset hair. I see her now frozen in time as I recall our first meeting, the rose-tinted haze of memory glazing the lens of my mind’s eye like Vaseline. “Hello,” she may have said, while I stood dumbfounded, mouth agape. “What are you looking at?” she probably continued, as my eyes welled with tears of adoration. “Can you please leave?” she most likely demanded with a merry sing-song in her voice.

I chuckle now to think how far we’ve come. Sweet Lady T. Queen of the no-nonsense school of receptioning. Her cool demeanor incapable of concealing that warm heart of liquid gold.

After achieving all that was possible in the field of receptioning, Tracy switched gears like Vin Diesel in the Fast & the Furious, taking on her current role as the head of our Hospitality department.

It was here that I dare say she truly came into her own. How many wonderful memories do we owe to this sweet woman throughout her tenure?

Those bawdy summer barbeques, the unforgettable Christmas parties (“It’s ruined!”), the can-do attitude she brought to those ungodly 7 o’clock starts, the rollercoaster mid-week trips to IKEA; her legacy is so entwined with the company’s history it’s hard to tell where one begins and the other ends.

Tracy leaves us now to begin a new chapter of her life with her beloved husband Dave. Leaving the big smoke behind for a charmed existence in the non-Dublin countryside known as Wexford, it’s hard to conceive of a Screen Scene without her.

Wishing you every happiness in all of your future endeavours, Tracy, here is the part where I shamefully paraphrase AA. Milne:

“How lucky we are to have known someone that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Goodbye and God bless. X