‘Operation Transformation: Seven Years and Counting’ is now showing on RTE Player January 5, 2015

Operation Transformation: 7 years and counting

Operation Transformation’s terrific leaders retrospective, ‘Seven Years and Counting‘, is now available to stream on RTE Player.

Airing on RTE last Friday, the show revisits leaders from all seven seasons of the show, recapping on their challenging transformation experience and catching up with them in the present day to see where they’re journey has taken them. Have they managed to keep the weight off?

The hour long special is yours to watch instantly over on the national broadcasters online catch up service, RTEplayer, so click HERE to get the goods and whet your whistle for the imminent arrival of Operation Transformations eagerly anticipated eight series, which kicks off this Wednesday at 8.30 on RTE One.



Presented by Catherine Thomas, Operation Transformation: Seven Years and Counting was Produced and Directed by Grainne O’Carroll for Vision independent Productions. Full Post Production on the show took place here at Screen Scene where it was edited by Sarah Armstrong, onlined by Warren Dowling and Sound Mixed by Garret Farrell. Post Production was Supervised by Elish Sheridan.