Powerful Documentary ‘Condemned to Remember’ opens in cinemas November 3rd November 1, 2017

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Gripping feature doc ‘Condemned to Remember’  will have its theatrical release this Friday, November 3rd.

The film follows Irish Holocaust Survivor Tomi Reichental as he embarks on an epic journey across a Europe in turmoil…

In Germany, Tomi concludes his long quest to bring the convicted SS War Criminal Hilde Michnia to account for her secrets and lies.

In Poland and Slovakia he confronts the “crisis of shame” that prevents an honest reckoning with the scale of local “collusion” with the Nazi extermination project.

In Bosnia, Tomi embraces Muslim survivors of a genocide, who still search for the bones of their loved ones.

Along the way, he puts himself into the shoes of the “new Jews” and discovers a strong common bond with refugees fleeing the hell that is Syria.

Following on from the award-winning ‘Close to Evil’, this is the third documentary to follow the remarkable Tomi Reichental, who is one again Produced and Directed by Gerry Gregg for Praxis Pictures.

Condemned to Remember‘ underwent full picture and Sound Post here at Screen Scene.

To celebrate the release, there will be a special screening of the film at 6.30pm at the Irish Film Institute on November 3rd, followed by a Questions and Answers session with Tomi and Gerry Gregg.


Editor: Juangus Dinsmore

Post Production Supervisor: Aishling Vesey

Assistant editors: Megan Day and Sam Connor

Conform: Eimear Boyle

Dubbing mixer: Mark Fitzpatrick

Colourist: Donal O’Kane

Online Editor: Warren Dowling