Screen Scene providing in game highlights for RBS 6 Nations Rugby Championship February 10, 2015


Fans of man on man full body contact rejoice, the Six Nations is back!

Kicking off last Friday, the annual northern hemisphere rugby union championship will have fans glued to their screens for the next six weeks as England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales once again slug it out for their chance at glory.

Screen Scene and sister companies Digital Space and Observe will once again work in tandem to provide in-game and halftime highlight packages for some of the biggest digital media companies in the world, as well as supplying online content for the Six Nations Official youtube channel.

The whole show is facilitated here at Screen Scene, where the whip smart satellite team cleverly create avid friendly media while down-linking live, making footage instantly available to every edit suite on our shared network, so our editors can do their stuff and have it online and ready for mass consumption in a lightning fast time frame.

For instant access to all the action, you check out the RBS Six Nations Official Youtube page HERE.