‘The land of the enlightened’ premieres at Sundance January 25, 2016

Stunning quasi-documentary feature, ‘The Land of the Enlightened’, made its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival last weekend to strong reviews.

Directed by Pieter-Jan De Pue and filmed over seven years, the film charts ‘the complex Afghani war economy told through the eyes of the children who have found themselves caught up in the on-going American occupation.’

Reviewers have been quick to single out the films ‘luminous cinematography’ which one Screen Daily reviewer called ‘staggeringly picturesque’. Screen International wrote that the film was “hypnotising, playful and a sober hybrid documentary that mixes romanticism with raw realism”.

Shot on 16mm film, full picture post on The land of the Enlightened was completed here at Screen Scene, where it was graded by Donal O’Kane. Warren Dowling was the finishing editor on the film, which recieved its TV edit from our very own Martha Meyler.