The one where we say goodbye to Jennifer McCann July 3, 2015


A dark cloud descends over 31 Upper Mount Street, both figuratively and literally, as one of Screen Scene’s most treasured goslings preps to venture forth from the nest. Her well toned arms braced to take flight, auburn hair whirling adorably as the blustering winds of change swell up to meet her, our eyes cant help but moisten at the thought of her imminent departure.

Jennifer McCann, Assistant Editor and Mother to all who need love, leaves Screen Scene today after five years of incredible service and what seems like a lifetime of loyal and joyful friendship.

Friend. Woman. Harbinger of happiness. Jen is true blue and golden in all the ways that make a persons belly flap with butterflies. Wearing the face of Karen Allen and bearing the soul of Mahatma Gandhi,  she is undisputedly the most level headed person with an inner ear imbalance one could ever hope to meet.

A true Screen Scene hall of famer and without a doubt one of the most beloved employees in the companies thirty year history, tales of her button faced brilliance will echo for an eternity around these hallowed halls; whenever a well timed hug is issued on a dire Monday morning, whenever a reassuring word is dispensed at an opportune moment, whenever a taxing job is executed to exemplary perfection, our minds will drift back to the treasured moments we once shared and lovingly whisper ‘Jen McCann.

God speed and God bless, babes. Wishing you nothing but the best from here until the end of the line.

What’ll we do baby, with out us?