Allen Sillery

Flame Artist

Allen Sillery

A well constructed physical specimen and talented Flame artiste, Allen has been a sturdy cog in the Screen Scene engine since 2002.

Winner of numerous awards throughout his chequered career, his vast catalogue of work covers features, broadcast, pop promos and commercials.


Allen Sillery's Work

Bank of Ireland – Snuggley
Scully Was To Blame – Jameson
Coopers – Jameson Irish Whiskey
Londis ‘Soccer Mom’s’
Londis ‘School Disco’
Orchard Thieves – Start Bold/End Bold
Bord Gais “Eyebrows”
Department of Justice – Domestic Violence
‘The Suit’
Euromillions – Big enough to go Island Shopping
Heineken Light – Johnny Goode
Heineken Light – Karl LaMorte
Three / Focus Ireland ‘Tackle Homelessness’
ESB Safety
Ulster Bank
EBS – Driving Instructor
Eir “Christmas”
Eir – Live life on Eir
Three 4G AYCE Air TV
Heineken World Cup Rugby – Coin toss
Bord Gais – Baby’s Day Out
Molson – Everything falls into place
TODAY FM – The Secret is out of the Horsebox
Mr Tayto – More than just a crisp
Bord Gáis
RSA – Impairment test
BMW Ireland 151 – That Feeling
Three – Perfect Suprise
Irish Life – We know Irish Life
Electric Ireland – Magic Moments
Electric Ireland GAA – Power to Catch a Bullet
Electric Ireland GAA – Power to create Angels
Lotto “Guru”
Lotto “Meditate”
Lotto – Night Numbers
Lotto – Guru – Breakdowns
ICAD Upstarts
Electric Ireland GAA – Power to block out 1000 voices
Meteor – Rocket Scientist
Meteor – Genius
Meteor – Gamer Revenge
Meteor – Gamer
Electric Ireland GAA – Power to rise Higher
Tesco – Mobile
Meteor – Brain Surgeon
Electric Ireland GAA – Power to Stop Hearts
Electric Ireland GAA – Power to Steal a Crowns
Avonmore Protein Milk
Mcdonalds ‘Trust’
Eircom Evision ‘Shake Up’ ’40
Lottery ‘Diamond’
Lotto – Missing – Jim – Where’s Dave? – Who’s gonna drive the train?
Lucozade – Powered by Glucose
Energia – Twins
Energia – The Temp
Energia – Grandad
Irish Cancer Society – Just One Day
NFL – Welcome to the edge of your seat
Energie – Scary
Energie – Pushy
Sky Broadband ‘Late Late Show Stings’ Beanstalk
Sky Broadband ‘Late Late Show Stings’ Hatbox
Kilmeaden – Toasty
Renault – Afford to live again
AVIVA – Gym Guy
Bank of Ireland – Obstacle Course
Google – Ten Years in Ireland
Bank of Ireland – Lighthouse
AVIVA – Metal Mossy
Philanthrophy Ireland
Carroll’s Ham
Newbridge – Jewelry
Newbridge – Cutlery
Eircom E fibre – Horizon
Heineken – The Kick
Electric Ireland
No Nonsense – Boy Racer
No Nonsense – Domestic
No Nonsense ‘Cafe’
Rejjie Snow – Lost in Empathy
Aviva – Health
RSA – Pedestrian
Damien Dempsey – Bustin Outta Here
Sky Broadband – Autumn Come Home
RSA – Night Out
McDonalds – Antique (Graphics Breakdown)
RSA ‘View’
Rabo Direct – Switch
McDonalds – Antique
Kid Karate – Two Times
Safe Food – Elaine
Newbridge – Silverware
EMobile – wow
BMW – Joy Inspires
McDonalds – Beam In
McDonalds – Taxi
Meteor – Mixed Up Presents
Credit Union – Stylist
Credit Union ‘Sounds’
Meteor – Naked Gym Guy
Danone Activia – Smiles
Liberty Insurance – Skylight
eMobile – Edward
Rabodirect – Builder
FBD – Motor
Meteor – Party
Drink Aware – Hands
Meteor – Girls
eMobile – Adele
Rabo Direct – Switch
Meteor – Boys
Meteor – Awkward Guy
Heineken – Gorgeous Girl
Meteor – Platform
Aero Biscuit – The Zorb
Heineken – Long Story
Heineken – Brief Encounter
AXA ‘Book of more’
FBD – Home
Safe Food – John
Glenisk – Meadow
Credit Union – Hello Brian
Deep River Rock ‘Purer than you’
Eircom – Snowflake
Bulmers – Berry
Vodafone – Clapping
Vodafone – The Gig
Coors Light – Moving
National Lottery – Rainbow
Meteor – After Work
Bulmers – Original Footage
Bulmers – Berry
Bulmers – The Chosen One
Barnardos – Memories
Permanent TSB – Foróige
Knorr – Special recipe
Hibernian Aviva – Migration
Lucozade – Teddy Bear Picnic
Bulmers – Price Cut Sting 3
Bulmers – Pearapy
Bulmers – Price Cut Sting 1
Bulmers – Price Cut Sting 2
Bulmers – Apple Apple Apple
Knorr – Packet Soup
Cadbury Snack – Orchestra
Cadbury Snack – Garda
Vodafone – Christmas
Eircom – Multiplicity
Guinness – Lost Room
Energise Sport
Coors Light – wolf
ESB – Keeping it Green
Lotto – Steinway
HSE – Headwrecker
Bulmers – Galway girl
Meteor – Spring Sale – Kylie
Meteor – Spring Sale – Hairdresser
Guinness ‘Starlight’
The Old Curiosity Shop
Budweiser table
Budweiser – Rotating pole
Dairy Gold ‘Pregnant Man’
Bulmers – Light by nature
Nico ‘anti smoking’
Calrsberg – Flatmates