Gavin Casey

Flame Artist

Gavin Casey

Holding an Hons in Advertising & design with a Fine Art degree Majoring in Painting  & Design, the ‘Impressively masculine’ Gavin Casey started in Screen Scene in 2001 as a Junior Broadcast Designer.

Rising up the ranks to Senior Designer for broadcast & commercials, he now rules Flame 2 with a firm but fair iron fist.


Gavin Casey's Work

Rockshore – Welcome to the West
Rockshore – This is the West (30 sec)
Orchard Thieves – Start Bold/End Bold
Ireland 2016
An Post Insurance – ‘Bath’
Eir – Live life on Eir
Orchard Thieves
Bulmers – Not a Moment Too Soon
McDonalds – Realm of Hapiness
An Post – Christmas Waltz
ALDI – Christmas
ICAD 2014 – Home for Young Creatives
Bus Eireann Expressway – Like the Car, Only Better
Eircom Business – Eddie Jordan
Mcdonalds – Podcast
Brennan’s Bread
Meteor – Brain Surgeon
Ulster Bank
Mcdonalds ‘Trust’
McDonalds – Manscaping
ALDI – Tea (20)
Simon Community ‘Appeal’
Toyota – Showtime
Kerry Low Low – Adland girl
Cadbury’s – Rate the 8
Donegal Catch
Centra – Sting 1
Centra – Sting 2
Centra – TV Sting 3
Eircom Horizons ‘Free mobile’
Sky Broadband ‘Late Late Show Stings’ Intro
Sky Broadband ‘Late Late Show Stings’ Beanstalk
Sky Broadband ‘Late Late Show Stings’ Hatbox
Coors Light – The Mix Up
The Girl
Bank of Ireland – Obstacle Course
Pinergy – Mammy
Safefood – No in the Supermarket
Bank of Ireland – Dancers
Pinergy – Teenager
Meteor – ‘PUBQUIZ’
ALDI – Love Ireland
Connacht Gold – Cows
emobile – Dave
Pinergy – Couple
Heineken – The Kick
Cadburys ‘Joyville Chocolate Tree’
Meteor – Roaming
Safefood – More Water
Sky Broadband – Autumn Come Home
Dress up for Barnardos
Liberty Insurance – Add on
Liberty Insurance – Claims
Done Deal – Golfclubs
Meteor – Maps
KBC – Luas
Done Deal – Goer
Meteor – We have it all this Christmas
2fm Euros
Safefood – Stop the Spread
Danone Activia – Smiles
Liberty Insurance – Skylight
AIB ‘Murphys’
Meteor – Party
3 Mobile – S’up?
Meteor – Last minute larry
Meteor Roaming – Translation
KBC ‘Analyst’
Meteor International UK
Meteor International US
Bulmers – Gathering
Bulmers – Orchardomics
RTE – Lyric Fm
Kerry Low Low – Tips
Charlotte Church – Back To Scratch
Eircom – Snowflake
Coors Light – Moving
Barnardos – Project Workers
O2 – Christmas
Vodafone ‘Project Red’
Vodafone – Christmas
The Old Curiosity Shop
Carlsberg – Dreams