Hubert Montag

Head of Commercials Animation

Hubert Montag

Well spoken and blessed with a striking moniker, Hubert began his illustrious career at the tale end of the 80’s.

Every bit as captivating as he is talented, he is now, two decades and some change later, the head of Commercial Graphics Department here at Screen Scene.

Hubert Montag's Work

Orchard Thieves – Start Bold/End Bold
‘The Suit’
Euromillions – Big enough to go Island Shopping
Virgin 360 – Interactive advert
Eir “Christmas”
Big Al’s ‘Hide and Seek’
Eir – Live life on Eir
Heineken World Cup Rugby – Coin toss
UPC – Dreams of Fast
UPC Broadband Penguin
XPlus – The Bridge
Three – Perfect Suprise
RSA ‘Wheelman’
A Good Day to Die Hard
Bus Eireann Expressway – Like the Car, Only Better
Bord Gáis Energy ‘Saver’
Lotto “Meditate”
Lotto – Night Numbers
Meteor – Rocket Scientist
Meteor – Genius
Meteor – Gamer Revenge
Meteor – Gamer
RSA – Hide & Seek
RSA ‘Magician’
AIB – Me 2 U
Eircom Evision ‘Shake Up’ ’40
Lottery ‘Diamond’
Simon Community ‘Appeal’
Donegal Catch
NFL – Welcome to the edge of your seat
Eircom Horizons ‘Free mobile’
AVIVA – Gym Guy
Vodafone ECS Online Video
Vodafone ECS Brochure
National Lottery ‘Car’
AVIVA – Metal Mossy
Meteor – ‘PUBQUIZ’
Vodafone – Centre Stage 2013
Heineken – The Kick
Aviva – Health
Vodafone HD Voice
Meteor – Maps
Safefood – Stop the Spread
Bord Gáis
AXA ‘Book of more’
Glenisk – Meadow
Vodafone – Clapping
Vodafone – Festival
Vodafone ‘Stripy Girl’
Hibernian Aviva – Migration
Rennie – Warriors
Lucozade – Teddy Bear Picnic
My Boy Jack
ESB – Keeping it Green
Lemsip ‘Multi Relief’
02 – Swingboat
The Old Curiosity Shop
Bulmers – Light by nature
BPM – Levels
Milk Commercial – Raptor