Juangus Dinsmore


Juangus Dinsmore

Editor. Humanist. Gentleman. Juangus Dinsmore is a bright shining beacon of warmth and talent.

Intermittently hairy, Junagus has been gracing the industry with his deft editing skills since the once futuristic sounding yesteryear of 2000.

Hitched to our wagon and nestled in our hearts since 2004,  Juangus edits high profile broadcast packages and documentaries, with his recent credits including Gay Byrne: My Fathers War and Close to Evil amongst others.

Juangus Dinsmore's Work

Lords & Ladles 2018
The High Hopes Choir
Power in the blood
How to be Happy
Close to Evil
Gay Byrne: My Fathers War
There’s Something About Patrick
Local Heroes
OMG! Jedwards Dream Factory
The Gathering – Homeward Bound
Perfect Heart
Dirty old Towns
Naked Presidential Election
Crisis: Inside the Cowen Government
White Collar Crime
The Riordan’s: Tea, Taboos and Tractors
Til the Tenth Generation
Dirty Money
When the Party’s Over
Ireland’s Nazis
Murder On Main Street
Ghosts of Duffy’s Cut