Martha Meyler

Broadcast Editor

Martha Meyler

Ethereal beauty Martha joined Screen Scene in October 2007.

Keenly witted, with striking features and an endless array of fascinating haircuts, Martha is one of our top Broadcast Editors. A full time Elvin faced Edit samurai, she dedicates her working week to being consistently fabulous, with a sideline in cutting short films.

Martha’s recent work includes ‘Operation Transformation’, ‘The Only Viking in The Village’, and ‘Irish Pictorial Weekly’.

Martha Meyler's Work

Lords & Ladles 2018
First Dates Ireland 2018
Eureka! The Big Bang Query
The land of the enlightened
Burning Wishes
Holding Out For a Hero
Irish Pictorial Weekly
Operation Transformation
Music Inc
Ultimate Street Challenge
Local Heroes
OMG! Jedwards Dream Factory
Football’s Next Star
Dirty old Towns
Only Viking in the Village
Style Wars
The Savage eye – Series One
The Whistleblower