A little bit of Fillum

In 2008, Screen Scene completed post production on 'A Little Bit Of Fillum', an RTÉ archive production that looked back on the making of 'Ryan’s Daughter'.

‘Ryan’s Daughter’ transformed Dingle and its hinterland, and in the years since its original cinema release in 1970, it is the behind-the-scenes story that transformed itself into the stuff of legend.

David Lean may have arrived in Kerry with the expectation that he and his cast – a stellar gathering that included Robert Mitchum, Sarah Miles and John Mills – were to be the stars of his latest masterpiece. It wasn’t long however before both the director and his troupe realised that the real star was West Kerry itself.

This documentary goes behind-the-scenes to explore the real story behind the making of Ryan’s Daughter, focusing on the juxtapostion between a community in subsistence and the glamourous film-makers in their midsts.

Featuring footage from RTÉ’s own archive as well as from the UCLA Etnographic Program, ‘A Little Bit of Fillum’ completed post production at Screen Scene with Eamonn Little editing, Mark Fitzpatrick mixing the audio, Cóilín Ó’Cearbhaill completing online and Angela McLellan grading.