Coors Light – Moving

This 2010 advert for Coors Light shows a resourceful group of locals who decide to move the pub, when the supply of Coors Light gets stuck at the bottom of the mountain. Chairs, Tables, and even the Pool Table are slid down the hill, and a temporary bar set up.

The ad was directed by Damien O’Donnell for Russell Curran. The Agency behind the spots was Chemistry. The team shot the ad at the Chill Factor Indoor Ski Slope in Manchester. The slope was dressed to resemble a mountainside over the two day shoot. Flame Artist Allen Sillery worked with Damien in the prep “We roughed-up some pre-vis matte paintings to get a sense of the scale and size of the environment that we were going to place our shot elements into.”

Jake Walshe completed the Offline Edit here in Screen Scene before handing back over to Allen and Gavin in Flame ”Pretty much every shot had FX work carried out on it”, explains Allen…”This ranged from creating mountainscapes to just set-extensions behind characters. Getting the right scale and lighting on our wide vista shots was the most challenging part. We were combining our shot footage into hi-res purchased images so quite a bit of time was spent match-lighting. One would think snow would be easy to comp, but using multiple snow plates from different sources immediately shows up discrepancies. The hard work paid off though and we’re really happy with the outcome.”