Crisis: Inside the Cowen Government

RTE’s landmark two part documentary series delving into the Cowen Government aired in November 2011.

From start to finish, Brian Cowen’s government faced unprecedented economic and political upheaval. Throughout series, senior ministers from Cowen’s government speak candidly about how major decisions were taken and what they thought of his leadership.

Written and narrated by political editor and author of ‘Showtime’ Pat Leahy, ‘Crisis: Inside the Cowen Government’ explored how the party that dominated Irish politics since the foundation of the State was decimated in the General Election that year.

Directed by Brian Hayes, who also produced with Ailbhe Maher, the show underwent full post production here at Screen Scene. Edited by Juangus Dinsmore with Phil Jackson and Jennifer McCann assisting, the show was Coloured by Angela Cerasi, with John O’Riordan providing the graphics. “Manly” Mark Fitzpatrick handled the Sound Mix while Simon Thornton Onlined. Audrey Dawson was Post Production Supervisor.