Dirty Money

1996, the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) has been on the front line in the war against organised crime, hitting the godfathers where it really hurts - in their pockets.

In this riveting TV3 documentary series, investigative crime journalist and author Paul Williams revealed the workings and history of the CAB, the most effective and arguably the most feared arm of the state.

Retracing the frightening events that led to its founding, the series used a combination of recreations and news footage to document the dramatic battle of wits the Bureau fought with the crime bosses who plagued the streets of Ireland in the 90s.

Perfectly recreating the atmosphere of menace and fear which led to the establishment of the multi-agency Bureau, Williams interviewed the key people who finally showed the gangsters that they were no longer untouchable.

‘Dirty Money: The Story Of the Criminal Assets Bureau’ was produced in 2008 by Gerry Gregg and Praxis Pictures. Post Production was completed in Screen Scene where Juangus Dinsmore was the Editor, Mark Fitzpatrick completed the Sound Mix, Angela McLellan graded the pictures and Cóilín Ó’Cearbhaill and Warren Dowling completed Online.