Starring Rafe Spall and Jenn Murray , 'Earthbound' was Written and Directed by Alan Brennan and Produced by Heidi Karin Madsen.

Spall stars as Joe Norman, a twenty something year old man who just wants the ordinary things in life; a job he doesn’t hate; a place to call home and nice girl to settle down with. Joe is pretty much just like the rest of us, bar the fact he’s been informed by his dying father that he’s an alien refugee who must procreate to his dying species.

On his quest to win the heart of a ‘compatible’ human mate, Joe falls in love with the beautiful Maria. But the more he tries to explain the severity of his intergalactic displacement, the closer he gets to losing her.

Compounding matters further it would appear intergalactic bounty hunters disguised as human resource specialists are in hot pursuit of our protagonist and his new love….

The film earned some impressive reviews on its cinema release:

The thinking person’s loopy sci-fi movie.. Earthbound acquires a pathos that places it outside the realm of comedy or sci-fi, turning it into a psychological drama that probes self-delusion and even psychosis. Spall is terrifically deadpan”. – John Anderson, Variety Magazine

Witty, funny, quixotic… Earthbound is by turns hilarious and heartbreaking, affecting and fun. Fit it into your movie going schedule without delay.” – Brent McKnight, Giant Freakin Robot

Earthbound underwent Sound Post at Ardmore Sound, where it was mixed by Ken Galvin, Jon Stevenson was the supervising sound editor and Michelle McCormack was the dialogue editor.