Eircom – Multiplicity

Screen Scene has completed post production on Multiplicity, the latest commercial for Eircom. Produced by Fiona McGary for Chemistry and Nick Fewtrell for Company Films, the commercial is the first in the new Eircom campaign.

Directed by Rory Kelleher, the spot shows a family using the different facets of their Eircom bundle in their home. To portray this, the commercial has multiple versions of the same character, each carrying out its own action.

Screen Scene Flame Artist Allen Sillery worked closely with Rory at the prep stage “We were involved pretty early on, creating live shoot & 3D previz & demos to get a handle on how crowded a shot was going to become, what camera moves/compositions would work most effectively.”

The commercial was then shot in Prague by DOP Jake Polansky. Using motion-control rigs they shot the 51 plates which would then be comped in Flame by Allen “we keyed all 51 plates (including a method-acting cat!) and composited them with feedback & repeat FX. Some scenes have up to 22 people in them at once (and 6 method-acting cats!). The trickiest part was trying to fit as many repeated people in at once without making the frame so cluttered that you couldn’t actually see anything happening.”

Jake Walshe edited the spot and Screen Scene’s Gary Curran graded in the Nucoda suite.