Electric Ireland

Electric Ireland’s stunning TV ad reached out to touch audiences deep in the feels in 2013.

Posted here at Screen Scene the spot depicts emotional charged scenes Irish life intertwined with examples of different forms of energy sources in motion. Powerful, cinematic, and unmistakably Irish, the commercial is perfectly underscored by The Duke and The King’s ear-worm of a track, “Shine On”.

Created by Irish International (Producer Noel Byrne, Creative Director Dylan Cotter, Copywriter Mark Nutley) the ad features the slogan:“Power comes in many forms. We understand them all.”


Directed by Steve Green and Produced by Andy Bradford for Sweet Media, the spot received full post production here at Screen Scene, where it was edited by Jake Walshe and Graded by Gary Curran. The wonderful Allen Sillery weaved his magic on Flame, while industry legend Mick Ellis provided the sound mix. Impossibly handsome Ent-man Garret Farrell handled the Dolby Mix.