ESB – Keeping it Green

Shot in various locations around Ireland, this 2008 ESB commercial highlights the use of green technology by the company; from the hydroelectric power station at Ardnacrusha to the Turlough Hill reservoir to the Tidal Generator at Strangford Lough.

The spot was written by Laurence Keogh and Sinead Kennedy for McConnells and produced by Paul Ellis. Andy Bradford was company producer for Toytown Films.

The commercial was directed by John Hayes and edited by Eamon Power.

Combining shot footage and CG, the spot displays underwater pumps, solar panels and wind turbines. Director John Hayes and DOP Robbie Ryan used in-camera techniques such as refracting light to add luminance to the image.

The Screen Scene graphics department worked with John in creating those elements which could not be captured in camera; building underwater pumps and solar panels. These images were then comped seamlessly into the spot by Allen Sillery in Flame. Gary Curran graded in the Nucoda suite enhancing the images and giving them that dreamlike quality.