Google – Ten Years in Ireland

Heart warming alert! Google have released a severely charm heavy video to celebrate their 10th year here in Ireland.

Demonstrating what they’ve learned about us over the past decade, the video, which has amassed over 300, 000 views on youtube in just over a week, was Produced by Dave Brady and Rosin Keown for Agency DDFH&B, with Peter Snodden and Conor Swanton Art Directing.

Directed by Shane Griffin and Produced by Andrew Freedman and Tess Bunworth for Antidote, full post production on the video took place here at Screen Scene where it was edited by the devastatingly handsome former Next catalogue model, Rob Hegarty, with able assistance from the equally attractive but decidedly less rugged, Fiona Coleman.

Soft spoken colour warping warlock Gary Curran supplied the grade, with twinkly eyed Allen Sillery working his wonders in Flame and Mike McCarthy serving up the 3D. As per usual, Anne Marie Downes brought her absolute A game in her role as post producer.