Heineken – Long Story

The final instalment in Heineken’s three-part ‘Seize the Moment’ series of ads.

‘Long Story’ follows ‘Brief Encounter’ and ‘Gorgeous’ (both of which were also posted at Screen Scene) and was once again created by Rothco.

According to Heineken, the concept behind this ad was the “universally recognizable beer insight of ‘the pinch’ – that last coveted sip in a glass of Heineken, cleared from the table prematurely by an over-zealous waiter”.

The ad follows the protagonist’s adventure as he tries to reclaim his Heineken and ends up being trapped on an express train from Paris to St. Petersburg,

The ad was directed by Vaughan Arnell, whose previous work includes the Name Change campaign for Aviva, as well as projects for Ford, M&S and Ladbrokes. The commercial was produced by Stink Productions.