Hibernian Aviva – Migration

To announce Hibernian’s 2009 name change to Hibernian Aviva following 100 years in Ireland, the gang at Rothco teamed up with production company Russell Curran to create this colourful spot.

Written by Agency creatives Jude Healy and Damian Hanley, the commercial charts the history of the Hibernian group since issuing its first policy in 1908.

Directed by Damien O’Donnell, the ad was shot in Dublin and Kildare on the RED One camera by DOP James Mather. Anne-Marie Curran was the producer for Russell Curran whilst Margaret Livingstone was producer on behalf of Rothco.

Post Production took place at Screen Scene where Jake Walshe edited the spot using both shot and archive footage. Colourist Gary Curran worked closely with Damien O’Donnell to give each era its distinctive look; from the black and white images of 1908 to the saturated look of the 1960’s go-go dancers.

Flame Artist Allen Sillery comped plates to create floating Gardaí and cars. Hubert Montag then added the Hibernian Aviva butterfly which follows the Hibernian journey right through to the present day.