How to be Happy

Inspirational two part series, How to be Happy, features well-known psychologist Dr. Maureen Gaffney, on a mission to help viewers uncover deeper sense of well-being, meaning and purpose in theirs lives, stating that though our disposition may be influenced by our genes, 40% of happiness is based on things in our lives we can actually influence.

Over two life affirming episodes, Maureen invites people from across the country to join her for a series of workshops where the participants are introduced to strategies of self improvement that they then road test in their day to day lives, showing those of us at home that you don’t have to wait for happiness to come knocking at your door, you have the power to go out there and make it happen for yourself.

Edited by Mary Crumlish and Juangus Dinsmore here at Screen Scene, John O’Riordan whisked up the Graphics, Mark Fitzpatrick supplied the Sound Mix, and Simon Thornton onlined.

Elish Sheridan was the Post Production Supervisor.