Kelly + Victor

Adapted from Niall Griffith’s critically acclaimed novel, Kelly + Victor is a compelling and devastating love story starring Irish actress Antonia Campbell Hughes (The Other Side of Sleep, Lotus Eaters, Lead Balloon) and Julian Morris (24 Hours, ER) as the titular Kelly and Victor.

A raw, compelling and passionate love story of sexual obsession, set against the backdrop of a highly cinematic Liverpool, full Picture and Sound post for the film took place here at Screen Scene back in 2012.

Warren Dowling was the online editor on the film, with Steve Fanagan in charge of the Sound Design and Music Edit. Paddy McGuirk and James Mulhearn handled the Location Sound Mix, with Garret Farrell playing a blinder as always as the re-recording mixer and the lovely Jean McGrath mixing Foley provided by the superb Caoimhe Doyle. Michelle Fingleton was the Supervising Sound Editor.

‘Kelly + Victor’ Director/Writer Kieran Evans took home the award for Outstanding Debut by a Writer, Director or Producer at the 2013 British Film and Television Awards.

Title: Kelly + Victor