King of the Travellers

Grounded in the traditions of the Irish Traveller community, hard hitting 2014 drama film, 'King of the Travellers', follows John Paul Moorehouse on his destructive quest to uncover the truth about his father’s killer. John Paul’s desire for revenge is swayed however, when he finds himself falling for Winnie Power, the daughter of the man he strongly suspects is responsible for the murder.

With a nod to the Sergio Leone and John Ford Westerns of the last century, King of the Travellers is an explosive contemporary take on Traveller life, starring Love/Hate’s Peter Coonan, Man About Dog’s Michael Collins (Man About Dog), newcomer John Connors, and non-actors from the travelling community.

Written and Directed by Mark O’Connor, King of the Travellers was produced by Cormac Fox for Vico Films and distributed by Wildcard.

The film completed post production here at Screen Scene, where Warren Dowling was the finishing editor and Garret Farrell handled the Sound mix, which took place in Centre Stage 2. Supervising Sound Editor on the film was Michael Lemass.

Post Production was supervised by Peter Tighe.