Labs – Facilities

We don’t have one Lab, we have lots. Labs is where the “science and quality control” part of our operation takes place.  Stand by for some jargon..

THE DAILIES LAB offers two distinct services “Hard Lab” and “Soft Lab”.

“Hard Lab” includes back-ups of dailies to drives or LTO and transcoding to DNX or Pro Res for cutting room and editors. “Soft Lab” includes generation and application of LUTS/LOOKS /CDLS, doing one lights or best lights and all colour management so your dailies look their best when everyone sees them. “Golden Eyes” QCS are available as part of the dailies lab service.

All cameras, resolutions and file formats including Arri Raw & Pro Res / Red Epic Dragon &Red One / Sony F5 F55 F65 / Canon C100 C300 C500 5D 7D / Black Magic / 5k / 4K / UHD / 2K / HD / SD / Log /  S-log / Linear are well known to the Dailies Lab.

We also have mobile dailies labs in both Ardmore and Ashford studios.

THE DATA LAB – not everything needs to pass through the Dailies Lab, sometimes it just needs to be ingested for editing, in that instance we go straight to the Data Lab who can deal with all files from all cameras.

We back it up, crunch it down and load it for the guys and gals in the edit suites to make their magic. The Data lab is also home to our Digital Dispatch where we send work in progress updates via secure FTP or our streaming services.

THE MASTERING LAB – creates all finished programmes and commercials leaving the building mastered as digital files or video tapes.

EBU spec compliance, automated analysis and validation and good old fashioned “Golden Eye Balls and Silver Ear Drums” QCs are all part of the service so your masters pass tech muster and look yummy on those flat screens.

THE DCI LAB –is all about the big screen.

This is where we create DCPs for features, promos, trailers and commercials showing in cinemas it is also where we make DCDMs for contractual delivery requirements.  Ask these guys about Frame Rate, XYZ & P3 Colour Space Conversion, Aspect Ratio, and Sound Configuration and see their little eyes light up.

The MEDIA & ASSET NETWORK LAB (MAN-LAB yes really!!!!) stores, moves and  tracks all your picture, sound & VFX through the facility.

It manages your material and assets, allowing round the clock real time access in all or our rooms and suites.


Strictly speaking The Vault isn’t a lab at all (but don’t tell anyone). It is a secure room where access is controlled and monitored. This is where your material is physically stored (on your drives on our shelves) when it is moved off our MAN-LAB (stop giggling at the back).

For further information on our Lab Facilities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.