Life of Crime

Directed by Jim Loach from a script by Declan Croghan, this three part ITV series sees Atwell (best known for her role in Captain America) portrays policewoman Denise Woods, whose obsession with tracking down the murderer of a 15 year-old girl spans three decades as she progresses through the Metropolitan Police Force.

Set against the backdrop of iconic moments in British history, the story follows Denise as she rises through the ranks of an ever-changing police force, with Atwell playing Woods at three different stages in her life; 1985, 1997 and 2012.

An Irish/English co-production between Octagon Films and Ecosse Films, full picture and Audio post on ‘Life of Crime’ took place here at Screen Scene, where Selina Macarthur edited, Gary Curran graded and Warren Dowling is provided the online.

Michelle Fingleton was the sound supervisor, while Niall Brady cut dialogue and Ken Galvin mixed. Foley was handled by Jean McGrath in Ardmore Sound.

The show originally aired on ITV in May 2014.