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Launching in June 2015, RTE entertainment show Lords & Ladles takes the viewer on a historical culinary journey that celebrates our past ‘through the wonders of food and the glories of cooking.’

Written and Directed by Maurice Linnane for Mind the Gap films, the series follows a triumvirate of Ireland’s finest chefs: Derry Clarke, Catherine Fulvio and Paul Flynn, as they arrive each week at a Great Irish Country House and set about recreating a grand dinner from its rich history, leaving viewers at home soaked in their own saliva as they construct sumptuous delights from the menus of yesteryear that will leave your taste buds tingling in envy.

The series completed full picture and sound post here at Screen Scene where it was edited by Juangus Dinsmore with the lovely Martha Meyler cutting ep one. Warren Dowling was the finishing editor, Donal O’Kane was the Colourist, while Emma Butt handled the Sound and John O’Riordan provided the graphics.