My Boy Jack

Screen Scene completed all picture and sound post production on My Boy Jack for Ecosse and Octagon. The 90 minute film broadcast on ITV 1 in 2008 to mark Armistice Day.

Produced by Michael Casey and Directed by Brian Kirk, the film tells the story of Jack, Rudyard Kipling’s son and his efforts to enlist despite the hindrance of bad eyesight.

The films stars Daniel Radcliffe as Jack and David Hare and Kim Catrell as his parents.

Shot on 16mm by DOP David Odd the film was graded by Gary Curran in Di one our purpose built grading environment.

Finishing was by Warren Dowling in DS. Screen Scene sound editor Michelle Fingleton worked closely with sound supervisor Nikki Moss before handing over to Ken Galvin in the Centre Stage 2, where Ken achieved a remarkable cinematic mix in one of our 5.1 Dolby Approved Rooms.