Only Viking in the Village

Two part series ‘The Only Viking in the Village’ saw comedian Neil Delamere go back to his roots – his half Viking, half Norman roots, to be exact – to find out everything there is to know about our axe-toting ancestors who left such a huge mark on our country.

Uncovering the fact and fiction behind his hairy ancestors, the show saw Neil physically and mentally get to grips with his Viking ancestry, as he ate, dressed, sailed and fought like a Viking on a comically historical journey from Ireland to Denmark,

Directed by Conor Morrissey (At Death’s Door), Produced by Anne Heffernan (Ireland – Dig It!) and executive produced by Bernadine Carraher (Hands On) of Mind the Gap Films. Full Post Production on ‘The Only Viking in the Village’ was completed here at sunny Screen Scene

Edited by Martha Meyler  with Warren Dowling supplying the Online, John O’Riordan handled the Graphics while the lovely Angela Cerasi knocked it out of the park as Colourist. “Man Mountain” Mark Fitzpatrick provided the sound mix.