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RBS 6 NATIONS Youtube Highlights

Screen Scene (in conjunction with sister companies Digital Space and Observe) provided near-live game highlights for the 2013 RBS Six Nations on Google’s video-sharing website, YouTube; uploading individual tries and scores as they happened, aswell as a package of highlights at the end of each half, and a full match highlights package within twenty four hours.

The first major rugby championship deal of its kind anywhere in the world, this venture, facilitated by Screen Scene for RBS 6 Nations, saw “near live in match” highlights and moments of pulse quickening sporting drama appear online within minutes of happening!

The whole show took place here in <em>Screen Scene</em>, where the whip smart satellite team cleverly created avid friendly media while down-linking live, making footage instantly available to every edit suite on our shared network, so our editors can do their stuff and have it online and ready for mass consumption in a lightning fast time frame.

“We have a satellite company, an OB company and a post company,” said Alan Burns, managing Director of Screen Scene sister companies Digital Space and Observe, at the time. “The world where live meets post and near live publishing, that’s our space”

“We are delighted to be working closely with RBS 6 Nations, Rabo Pro12, Google and YouTube,” Alan continued, “it’s really exciting because it’s the first time we have pointed so much technology at a delivery to the web. our experience in all parts of broadcast content packaging and delivery is being used by big brands like Google to get material instantly online”.

As well as individual tries and scores, a package of highlights were put online at the end of each half, with viewers worldwide able to access a highlights package of the full game 24 hours after the game had expired.

In addition to reaching over one million views since its launch, the RBS 6 Nations channel has also attracted over 40,000 subscribers.