Rennie – Warriors

For this 2009 Rennie commercial,Y&R creative director Mike Mesbur delivered a concept in which a fiery horde is conquered by the Rennie dual action warriors,

Director Stephen St. Leger and H2 films joined forces with Y& R and Screen Scene to create this impressive spot.

Shot in Ardmore Studios by DOP James Mather the commercial required both in-camera and computer generated fire in order to bring to life the flaming environment and characters.

Editor Tom O’Flaherty cut the commercial here at Screen Scene before and handing it over to the graphics team, where Hubert Montag supervised all the CG work.

“We did a lot of work before the shoot. We actually built most of the 3D environments and created matte paintings for the backgrounds before the commercial was shot. The most technically difficult part of the job was to make the horde look like they’re on fire. This was done using a combination of real fire footage and also by creating a CG burning character. Matt and Mike then animated the CG character to match all of the action of the live action horde, then we rendered out the flames from each of the CG characters and composited them onto the live action for each individual member of the horde. There are over fifty of them in some of the shots, so this process took several weeks. We worked closely with the guys from Team FX who created the in-camera fire. Working through the storyboard we worked out all the different types of flames we would need to complete the job, for example fireballs from behind camera firing into shot, fireballs travelling at 90 degrees through shot etc. We then got to spend a very entertaining day in Ardmore watching stuff being set on fire, including a stunt man, Phillippe, who seemed a bit disappointed we only wanted to set his arm on fire!”