Enjoying its original run in 2011,Vision Independent Productions exciting interior design show was hosted by Neville Knott and featured Joseph McCann, Karl Fradgley and Anne-Marie Hamill as the professional interior designers out to helping people design their dream rooms.

Each week, the designers worked with three different homeowners living in the same area, each hoping to produce the best transformation — with the homeowners themselves deciding the winner.

Whether it’s a kitchen stuck in the 70’s, a bland and boring living room or a bedroom on a bargain basement budget – the Roomers used their style skills and expertise to come up with stunning interiors; with inevitable lifestyle entertainment ensuing, to the delight of viewers both young and old

Roomers was posted here at Screen Scene with Alison Black Editing and Oleg Jitov On-lining. The Sound Mix was supplied by Ken Galvin, while Angela McLellan handled the Grade.