RSA – Impairment test

Directed by Steve Green and Produced by Andy Bradford for Sweet Media, The Road Safety Authority’s (RSA) powerful anti-drug driving awareness advert was unleashed on the general public in November 2014.

Launched in association with An Garda Síochána as part of the Christmas and New Year Road Safety Campaign in co-operation with the Medical Bureau for Road Safety in UCD,  the advert aims to raise awareness of Roadside Impairment Testing (RIT).

Roadside Impairment Testing (RIT) provides An Garda Síochána additional powers to test drivers whom they suspect of driving under the influence of drugs (DUID). As part of the new test drivers will be required to undergo five impairment tests; a Pupil Dilation Test, Modified Romberg Balance Test, Walk and Turn Test, One Leg Stand and lastly a Finger to Nose Test.

Edited by Jake Walshe, with Allen Sillery providing the Visual Effects,, the spot was created by Dillon Elliott and Clayton Homer over at Irish International under Agency Producer Noel Byrne.

Anne-Marie Downes was the post producer here at Screen Scene.