The Summit

Produced and directed by Nick Ryan of Image Now Films, The Summit chronicles the deadliest climbing disaster on the world’s most dangerous mountain; the fateful day in August 2008 when twenty five climbers made their assault on K2 and eleven never came back.

The film sets out to unravels the mystery of one of these climbers, Limerick native Ger McDonnell. Pushed to his limits 8000 meters high in the death zone, the unwritten code of the mountain dictated that Ger should leave three tangled climbers for dead. A code he abandoned at the cost of his own life.

Nabbing the 2013 Sundance Film Festival award for Best Editing when it screened in competition, this white knuckle true life tale has been pelted with glowing reviews since its cinema release. “A heart-throbbing cliffhanger” shrieked The Hollywood Reporter. “A pulse-pounding success,” cackled The New York Times. “Irresistible” hissed the Los Angeles Times.

Screen Scene’s resident captain of The Tall People Club, Garrett Farrell, provided the Sound Mix for the film, which is currently available to rent or buy on DVD.