Til the Tenth Generation

In October 1944 at the age of nine, Tomi Reichental, along with twelve members of his family was sent to the Bergin-Belsen concentration camp. Despite the horrors endured, Tomi was one of the few to survive, but for the following fifty-five years he did not speak of his experiences. Since breaking his silence however, he has been on a mission of remembrance.

Tomi’s recollections range from his having to leave school when he was six because he was a Jew, to being reduced to hiding in fields from the authorities, and having to endure the sadistic nature of a camp commander referred to as ‘The Beast of Belsen’.

Now residing in Ireland, Tomi is one of only three Holocaust survivors in this country and he is all too aware that the horrors of the Holocaust will soon pass from living memory to past history.

Till The Tenth Generation, a documentary on Tomi’s life, was released in 2008 Dand irected by Gerry Gregg for Praxis Pictures.

Sarah Caraher co-ordinated the full picture and sound post which was carried out here at Screen Scene.

Editor Juangus Dinsmore worked closely with Gerry throughout the offline to create the 80 minute documentary. Mark Fitzpatrick mixed the audio and Angela McLellan graded the picture with Warren Dowling completing online.

Till The Tenth Generation will screen as part of the Cork Film Festival tomorrow, Saturday 18th at 11.30am in the Kino Cinema. For tickets visit corkfilmfest.org